What is?

A team building retreat is essentially where your business organizes and out of office gathering of your company’s employees.

Most of the retreat’s task are aimed at strengthing coworker relationships. Developing levels of communication and allowing you to monitor how your team works together in some challenging but fun situations.

Why us?

Whispering pines resorts can create an event designed specifically for your team – shelter building, outdoor cooking, team building games, Bon fires and glamping…the options really are endless!

Our packages can include everything from food and materials and overnight accommodation. There is plenty of outdoor and indoor space.

At Resort we believe we offer the ultimate getaway from the office environment, in the heart of the Margalla hills with outstanding scenery and tailored packages.

Only 35-45 minutes’ drive from F-6.

With Whispering pines resorts you can be assured of:

  • Appropriate venue: Whispering pines is your dream venue, If you are needing peace and quiet for brain-storming, an environment with personalized care you desire.
  • Impeccable service: Managed by a team of professionals, we can be relied upon to ensure perfect preparation and co-ordination of every aspect of the event – including the services of a dedicated on-site coordinator.
  • Suitably designed activities We can organize various team-building activities designed to challenge and motivate the team – from cycling, trekking, hiking and archery
  • Entertainment: Should your event call for elegant function, theme dinners, musical and cultural performances, we have the ideas and facilities to meet those requirements as well.

Contact us today to discuss your team event ideas now.